No No Hair Removal reviews

no no hair removal reviews

Hair removal can be so complicated and so painful these days. With waxing literally ripping the hair out of your arm and shaving only providing temporary solace, it is no wonder that a new   technology had to come out that would help to increase hair removal while decreasing pain and stress. The No!No! Hair removal system works wonders and provides users with longer hair removal times than ever before.

The company began producing this technology back in 2007 when they wanted to provide customers with a treatment that avoided all the hassles of laser hair removal. The first product began this journey and has been the stepping stone for future innovation. In 2013, the company added a pulsing feature, allowing the product to work faster while keeping the skin cooler for a more efficient hair removal process that also provided the user a more comfortable experience. Finally, in 2015, the product evolved again, this time with the introduction of Dynamic Speed Control. This control allows users to move at various paces, depending on body parts and contours of the body. The innovations and evolution of the product has truly been astounding as the company approaches the ten year anniversary of its introductory product.

Another great feature that makes this product unique is that it works without using light, unlike the rest of the competition on the market. First, this allows users to immediately expose their newly hair free skin to the sun. No need to wait; get hair free when you wake up then hit the beach with your friends! Secondly, this product works on all hair colors, as well as all skin colors, making it a great product for everyone on the market. The results are immediate, no need to wait around to make sure you hit all of the hair on your skin.

One of the best reasons to use this product is that it is safe for use on tattoos, meaning your body art will be safe and your investment still well used. And, it will help with the upkeep of your tattoo because you can safely remove the hair poking through the ink. Finally, the product can be used for facial hair, allowing consumers to safely remove the hair from their faces with no irritation or hesitation.

No!No! is so confident in their process that they provide a timeline of what to expect from using their regimen and their product. The first three weeks, you simply get rid of anything else you used to use and follow the regimen provided with your product. After the first three weeks, the time you spend removing hair should be significantly decreased and you only have to use the product as necessary. After six weeks, you may begin noticing places where the hair coming back is thin or fine, unlike the original hair that had been growing, or you may even notice places where the hair has stopped coming back in general! Finally, in as little as 12 weeks, you may go weeks without having to use your No!No! product at all.

No!No! comes in three models, the Micro, Pro, and Ultra. The Micro is ‘ the size of the other models and operates at one speed. It is great when used for delicate and hard to reach places on the body, such as the bikini area or the chin. The most popular model is the Pro model which comes with three speed levels and the Pulse option. The Micro and Pro models each have three color options specific to the specific model you choose. Finally, the Ultra is the top of the line product. This comes with Dynamic Speed Control that makes the product glide over your skin. It is also compatible with thee beauty attachments so that you only need one tool ever again, the Ultra. No!No! has a couple extra treats to go along with this model as well.

The No!No! hair removal system is at the top of the class. With innovation coming rapidly from the company, multiple options to choose from, and a fundamental belief in their system, the company can go nowhere but up. Each device is cordless and small enough to easily pack and travel with, leaving you fearless for your vacation.