Brazilian Waxing is a popular hair removal technique that is used for waxing the area around the anus, perineum and vagina. For some women (and men), Brazilian waxing means removing all the hair from this region, while, for others; it means leaving everything but a strip around the front. The fact is: this intimate form of hair removal allows men and
women to wear swimwear comfortably. And the best part of this technique? – It lasts for a long time!

How long does a Brazilian Wax last?

Many clients undergoing Brazilian wax for the time want to know how long they can go between the waxing sessions. The answer depends on various factors. Waxing usually removes the hair from the roots, so you can go for nearly 4-8 weeks without requiring re-treatment. Additionally, the following factors greatly affect hair re-growth:

1. Hair Growth Cycle-Hair growth occurs in three stages: growing, resting and transitional stage. At a given point nearly 80 to 90 percent of our hair is in the growing phase,
while the remaining 10 to 15 percent of hair is in the transitional phase. 2 to 3 percent hair is in the resting phase.
This means that: there is some hair underneath our skin layers that has not even reached the surface, or there is some hair that has reached the surface but is not    long enough to be grasped with the waxing. Naturally, these hairs cannot be tackled by Brazilian waxing and within the next few weeks of the treatment, they are going to appear. For tackling such hair, you would need to get waxed in a row for 2 to 4 weeks, so that all hair has a chance to be removed from the root and you can go longer between appointments.

2. The second factor that affects how long the Brazilian wax can last depends on the personal/individual hair growth cycles. Men and women have different hair growth rates. Other factors include age, sex, hormones and of course the season. You will find that your hair grows faster in summers due to the heat. So your Brazilian wax might not last exactly as long as your friend’s, even if you have got waxed at the same time.

3. Hair breakage-The third factor that affects how long a Brazilian wax lasts is hair breakage. Sometimes the hair might not get caught from its root, but only broken off above or even below the skin surface. Even the most experienced professionals can have this happen to their clients. This broken hair will grow sooner than normal and you might even see some in-growth due to it.

4. Type of wax used and the method of waxing- Many salons use hard wax to help reduce the pain clients feel during the session. Hard wax, however, is known to give hair breakage. Softer wax is slightly more uncomfortable for the clients but is effective in removing hair from the roots. Thus you will go longer before seeing hair re-growth. Additionally, the method or style of waxing can also affect how long a Brazilian wax lasts. Full Brazilian wax involves pulling hair from the folds of labia or one can opt for a standard wax, Sphinx or Hollywood wax.

5. How often you get waxed-Brazilian waxing done on a regular basis can help you remove the hair right from its follicle. Thus, you will start to notice finer hair, and after regular sessions, your hair growth may even stop completely.

These are some factors that affect how long a Brazilian wax lasts.