Home electrolysis is an expedient at-home hair removal technique. The devices available for performing electrolysis at home, work in the same manner as the ones you would find at professional salons. While some people fear that these devices pose health risks, in truth, the voltage and current outputs aren’t quite as high. So, these devices are indeed quite safe and as effective as you would want them to be. Many of them are also approved by the FDA. Here we shall present some top devices for the purpose and also list their pros and cons along with their prices. Thus, you are getting nothing but honest reviews about these devices.

We shall first review the “Clean and Easy Home Electrolysis Kit”, which is quite popular in the under $100 category. It costs less than $40 and is ideal for removing hair in smaller areas. Many have had success with this device. Here are the steps for using it:

  • Keep the battery well charged as the device works well on a fully charged battery
  • Moisten your fingers with salt water and hold a touch-band and needle (Stylet) over the hair.
  • Keep the dial’s setting on the device on 3 or 4. At 5, there is possibility of scarring.
  • For facial hair, keep the setting to a 2 or 3.
  • For thick hair, you might want to hold the Stylet in place longer.
  • The treatment may have to be repeated for thick hair.
  • Exfoliate skin before use as this can speed up the operation.
  • Remember to remove the battery when device is not being used for long.
  • Be patient!

Pros of the Clean and Easy Home Electrolysis Kit:

  • Inexpensive
  • user friendly operation
  • hair removal is permanent

Cons of the Clean and Easy Home Electrolysis Kit:

  • Scarring is likely
  • Some users have had a bad experience with the needle provided by the company. You might have to buy other Stylet tips
  • Guesswork is involved

The next device that we hear great deal about as far as home electrolysis is concerned is the ACRA Permanent Hair Removal System. This device does not require salt water; instead it uses a conductive silver chloride gel. It is different than needle based electrolysis devices; in that, the tweezers of the unit grasp the hair and pass an electric current through it. The conductive gel facilitates this process and produces a chemical reaction; the byproduct of this reaction is sodium hydroxide which kills the root of the hair permanently. The ACRA Permanent Hair Removal System also has a unique alarm sensor which tells us how long each hair must be grasped for; so there is no guesswork involved. The kit comes with everything you need: tweezers, gel, wrist strap and handling instructions and runs on AC power.

The cost of ACRA is around $70 but only a few websites sell this unit. Additionally, the device comes with a warning that it should not be used with people having skin problems like psoriasis, heart conditions, pacemakers etc.

Pros of ACRA Permanent Hair Removal System Cost

  • effective
  • Permanent hair removal
  • precise operation-no guesswork
  • Works best for small areas and individual hairs

Cons of ACRA Permanent Hair Removal System Cost

  • No very effective for large areas like those on the legs
  • Not available in drug stores-only a few websites like Essential Day Spa.com sell it. Shipping costs are extra

Other recommended devices

 I would also recommend using any of these three at-home electrolysis devices:

1. Vector Professional Hair Removing System ($199) – a needle-free, AC-powered home electrolysis system. It was originally used for professional salons but made way at the comfort of our homes. The kit contains tweezer, electrical patches, tweezer cords, and conductivity gel.

2. Deluxe Home Electrolysis by Folica ($35) – a battery-operated machine that has a stylet tip made to be gentle on the skin. You can customize how intense or how soft you want the treatment to be because it has a control dial. If you do not feel any tingling sensation move it up a bit. The tingling sensation indicates that the product is working correctly.

3. Verseo e-Pen Hair Removal Pen ($59.95) – This electrolysis treatment by Brookstone is designed to remove small, and delicate areas of hair in the body. It works best in the eyebrows, upper lip, bikini line, and generally, your face. The pen has a buzzer that indicates when the treatment is complete, thus help you achieve better results.

Conclusion about home electrolysis devices

Many experts believe that home electrolysis should not be approved. This is because; the usage of such devices requires a considerable amount of skill. The depth of the hair follicle cannot be known precisely and additionally, the devices do not work well on hair in different phases of growth. Even skilled professionals have a hard time viewing the hair and need magnification for this purpose. Doing such manipulations on one’s face and hands is naturally bound to be difficult. Furthermore, failure to insert the needle at the right point is not only ineffective for root destruction; it can also cause damage to the skin.

That being said, home electrolysis is convenient and certainly reduces trips to the salon. Many users have had great and permanent results with their use. Most devices come with warranty and when one follows the accompanying instructions, there is no reason why one cannot achieve their objective.