I used to shave before so that I can save time removing my unwanted hairs, but I have to shave every other day because it grows back, and the worst part, it is rougher and thicker than before. I tried tweezer, but it sure takes a lot of time and is very painful. Waxing is good, but I don’t have enough money to maintain a regular waxing session. Fearing that I might get back to using a razor, I was desperate to find a solution in removing my hair, until I found out online that an epilator is the solution that I’m looking for.

Emjoi is the first epilator I have purchased and probably the only epilator I will have because of the following features:

Emjoi pulls a number of hairs at once just like what a tweezer do. Emjoi epilators are designed to be gentle on the skin unlike what most brands have in the market. All epilators sting the skin but Emjoi is more tolerable, and the pain is easy to get over with. After about three or four times, you use Emjoi, you can get used to the pain and you’ll barely notice Emjoi stinging in your skin.

It is sleek and portable. I was impressed by how sleek design of this epilator is. It is not too big like most epilators are and is just the right size to be brought with me in my handbag. It is battery operated which means I can remove any unwanted hair I have anytime, anywhere.

Emjoi epilators have features that are very helpful when we are using the product. You can choose from Emjoi line of products, which has wet/dry technology, pivoting head, massaging or shaver head with trimmer. You can also choose from cord if you want to use it at home, or cordless when you want to bring it with you.

If you are tired of tweezing, disappointed by the results of shaving, and is not considering doing wax sessions to remove unwanted hairs in your body, an epilator may be your best option. Emjoi is by far, one of the best epilator I have bought that I do not plan on replacing with other epilator brands.

If you think epilators can only remove thin hair, Emjoi breaks that misconception. This machine can tackle even the most difficult hair just as if you are shaving them. The flexible hair makes this product quick in pulling those coarse hairs from your legs, arms, and other places where thick hairs may be in. For a fraction of a cost, you can experience the same effect as waxing does, and it is done in less than 20 minutes.

Unlike any epilators that you need to run the product on the area to have the hair removed several times, Emjoi works quickly with precision in just one pass; therefore, a smooth and hairless skin in no time.

I was also surprised that it found hairs in areas that I didn’t expect I have. It has a “lifting finger” technology that addresses flat and short hair that most epilators just don’t have the technology to deal with. It can remove your hair even if it is a short as 0.5mm straight from the roots.

You can use Emjoi to virtually remove any unwanted hairs in your body butdo expect that it is too big to be used in your eyebrow, better use a tweezer or a small epilator made for eyebrows. Although the pain is tolerable, expect that you will experience more pain and discomfort in the most sensitive areas of your body like, for example, your bikini line.