Brazilian waxing is a friendly type of bikini waxing that removes the public hair, front and back. It has become quite a trend in both men and women in the last decade and it is simply becoming the style in terms of waxing. It is a modern way of getting rid of all unwanted hair, that hair that is quiet embarrassing; it is also an efficient method that will last for a good time. Many people especially first-timers how long does a Brazilian wax last due to the pain and the discomfort it entails. The best answer is that it depends on how fast your public hair grows. There are also some several factors that are involved which we are going to look at here.


Women who usually get this waxing will mostly stay very smooth for at least two to three week before the smallest appearance of the stubble. The area usually stays relatively smooth and soft for a period of up to four and six weeks. For first-timers and those who have stayed for some time without waxing, some tiny stubble can appear in a short tight have me of about eight days. This is because some public hair might have been under the skin when the waxing was done. This hairs poke out after some days.

Waxing regularity    how long does a brazilian wax last

When you wax regularly your esthetician will pull your hair from their follicles every time you wax. The more the number of times you wax your follicles will adapt and take longer time to give the replacements. Some people do not grow hair any more after waxing several times while others it takes quite some time.

Type of wax

Most beauty salons that offer this service use hard waxes since they do not have much pain when public hair is being ripped out. Hard wax breaks all the hair above the follicle more than soft wax. Thus if you can take some little more pain, ask you beauty salon to use soft wax.

Food and temperature

The temperature affects how your hair grows, it grows faster when it is hot than when it is cold. Many people therefore prefer the Brazilian wax in summer. Some types of food also contribute to hair growth rate; food rich in omega-3 like beans, nuts and salmon are foods that contribute to your hair growth.


The age of the woman is another significant factor in public hair growth. The rate of hair growth tends to decrease with the age of the person. Thus old women may not have to be waxed as many times as young women will.

These factors determine how long does a brazilian wax last. Hopefully, longer the better.