Best Hair Removal products

Nowadays, there are many techniques and products in removing the hair. One must think of choosing the best hair removal products which provide the most effective way of getting rid of your hair. But it would still depend on the skin type, specific area you wanted to be hair free, budget allotment, and time availability. Removal of body hair is one’s personal decision but one must consider selecting the best technique and the best hair removal products that are medically approved by the expert and healthy wise choice to prevent the side effects in the future.

Here are the techniques and the best hair removal products that are offered in the market:


This is the most common and economical technique in removing the hair. The best hair removal products for this method are the Gillete Venus line for women which are non-disposable razors. This product line composed of the following; the Original, Embrace, Embrace Shine, Breeze, ProSkin and Divine. Due to the public demand the best among of these products is the Three-blade Gillette Venus Divine this would not leave bumps and readiness to your skin and one more thing this three-blade Gillete Venus Divine Razor performs a close shave, it has three blades and does not dull easily. The three blades Gillete Venus Divine Razor cost only $9.99 for the razors and 2 cartridges.
When you are shaving you are not only using a razor but rather you also need a moisturizer like shaving gel or cream, body wash, hair conditioner, or even warm water so that you will not cut yourself with the blade. The best recommended shaving cream product is Whish Shave Crave Almond .This product is not only performing for the sake of shaving but as well as moisturizing the skin surface making it smoother. Whish Shave Crave Almond makes one’s life easier and at the same time it nourishes the skin making it healthier. Whish Shave Crave Almond costs $20.00 per

Shaving technique will last up to 3 days. Another bewares for this technique is the side effect like the ingrown hair this will happen when you’re doing the shaving over and over again. But you can treat the ingrown hair with Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum this product has a clean, fresh scent and a silky feeling compared to other ingrown hair treatment product that have a sticky residual substance and a stingy odor. Another plus point for this product is that it is all natural and organic so no needs to worry about the side effect because it is a no chemical product. Though the cost is not that cheap but it is worthy. The cost for this product is 22.50. But you could avoid ingrown hair by shaving with the direction of the growth of the hair. This is best applied in the legs, under arms and chin for men.


Physically pulling the hair out using the tweezers is another economical technique in removing the hair it is an effective technique but also time consuming. This technique does not change the color, texture, or even the density of the hair. It takes longer time for hair to grow before it becomes visible since the hair is being removed from the root itself. The best haier removal products that are highly recommended by the people who are using are the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer line. These products are economical you can buy it cheap but the performance is best. It can pull out hair even the short hair without breaking it. This is cost $20.00 but it is a guaranteed price since the Tweezerman stand their products they are offering to sharpen their product that has been dulled over a normal usage and or they are offering a replacement for their damaged/dropped products at a half price and repairing the bent tips product for only $5.00/unit.
Plucking technique will last 3 to 8 weeks. This is best used in eyebrows but you have to take note that it is best to sterilize the tweezers before and after used for prevention of the infection.


Waxing today is made easy due to the products that are home base and readily available in leading supermarket and drugstore. The besthair removal products of this type are the Parissa Wax Strips you can select with different sizes and formulas for any parts of the body or from your face down to your legs. Just paste it and after a couple of minutes you can pull it off. Using this product does not require heat, it works faster since the wax is already attached in the strip itself and you can purchase it at a very affordable price. But the only disadvantage for this product is that when your hands is wet it is hard to pull it off hence you can always use a towel to make it easier. This will last up to 6 weeks.
Another is the Nair Soothing Hair Removal Wax Strips 32 oz. This is a three steps methods that is painless that costs only $5.99.


This is a technique that uses a cream or a liquid that when you apply to the surface of the skin it will readily reacts with the hair protein known as keratin. It will dissolve the hair and can easily wash up by water or wipe out but you have to watch out because not all skin types are suitable with depilatory cream others have side effect like skin irritation. The best for this technique is the hair removal cream from Nair. There are many products of Nair from creams to lotion that you could choose depending on your gender, your skin tone and the areas where you wanted to removed the skin. So it is much wiser to choose this product because it is of good quality and there is an assurance that you will not suffer from the side effect, since this product has been awarded as the Best Hair Removal Cream Brand. But you must be a responsible user and be sure that you are reading the direction and following it correctly because there is a correct amount and specific area that this removal cream is suitable. This technique will last for days up to 2 weeks. This is best in legs, under arm, bikini areas, face and chin.


Some people think that this technique is for permanent removals of hair but think again because for some it is really permanent but for others there is a big chance that it will re-growth again. But due to the fact that modernization affects our lifestyle the same as with technology it evolves that presently there is already a treatment method just like electrolysis but there is no need for an electrologist hence it is already a home based technique all you need is the product itself. It came from the family of hair removal products namely: Silk’n, Silk’nSensEpil and Bellalite it is an IPL technology and FDA approved to permanently reduced the hair, the target is the hair follicle. This product uses the Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology with the use of the optical energy in order disrupt the growth of the hair. The shaft of the hair requires absorption of the light energy so that the transformation of the heat begins. This is best if used with the dark hair. And the cost for this product is $450. A lamp cartridge that is given for free when you buy these consists of 750 shots. “This would cover a one treatment session for two legs, two arms, two underarms and bikini line for an average body size” stated in the manual.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology nowadays has been more understood that is why laser treatment has been blossomed in different types of skin condition. One of which is the laser hair removal, a laser has been directed to the hair follicle in order to stop its growth permanently. But this technique is only apply best for those light skinned people due to the fact that the melanin or the color pigment of the skin absorbs more light this enables the treatment more effective than for those dark skinned people. The best product for this is Tria Laser at home; it is a home base product that has been approved by the FDA to remove the hair from legs, bikini line, arms, underarms, chest and back. The treatment needs eight times in 2 to 4 weeks but you have to consider the right tone of the skin since this product is not suitable to blonde, red, white and gray hair. This treatment should be performed both vertically and horizontally for the best result due to the fact that this product has a small head. The price of this product is $395.00,it is affordable compared to going in a derma clinic.
Removal of Hair Using the Prescription Treatment
There are certain creams that are prescribe by the doctors that can help in removing the hair one of this is the Vaniqa. It is a certain type of cream that contains eflornithine hydrochloride this will help to eliminate the unwanted hair in a specific area. This is applied two times daily in order to reduce the growth of hair. But this cream is not suitable for pregnant women since it has an active ingredient that can be dangerous to fetus inside the womb. The price of Vaniqa is $ 50-$60 for every 1.05 oz. For the best result you need to use this treatment up to 8 weeks.
It is still best if you could consult a dermatologist before you are going to use any of this technique for your own safety and to prevent any side effects that can be detrimental to your health. One must have to remember that prevention is the greatest cure.