At home laser hair removal is becoming common amongst women of all age brackets who can’t spare time or money for those clinic sessions. Laser hair removal is a better alternative to wax and works well for those who don’t like to shave anymore.

Laser hair removal at home can supplement spa sessions but you need to be careful while performing such treatments in privacy. You must know how to use the devices properly before you begin. Best candidates for home laser hair removal are those with dark hair and light skin. But you will have to perform multiple rounds for achieve optimal outcome of the treatment at home.

Steps For At Home Laser Hair Removal

You need to follow the steps given below for a harmless laser hair removal at home:

Step # 1: First judge yourself as a suitable candidate for at home laser hair removal. The procedure is good for those with dark hair but fair skin.

Step #2: Carefully notice the parts of your body where you want at home laser hair removal to be done. There are many at home laser hair removal devices available in the market but two of the FDA recommended are Tria and Silk’n. Do not use these devices for facial hair removal.

Step#3: Clean and dry your skin with a towel before starting laser hair removal at home. The skin should be made bacteria free to avoid the infection because of dirty hair follicles. Cleansing also removes dead cells that prohibit effective hair removal.

Step#4: Time to use a laser hair removal device. You need to unlock the device with the help of pigmentation step. In this step you hold the button in skin sensor near the area you want to treat until the light blinks and changes color.

Step#5: You must choose a comfy place before initiating the device. Now most laser hair removal devices used personally come with 3 laser intensity control levels. Level 1 stands for low intensity, level2 for medium and likewise level 3 for high intensity. At first attempt keep the level low so that you can avid burns. Moreover, high intensity doesn’t guarantee better results.

Step#6: Now press the tip of hair removing device on the area to be treated. Few seconds later if a beep is heard then it indicates that the hair follicle has been successfully disabled. However, a buzz indicates that you have to try again.

Laser hair removal done at home must be repeated thrice a week for good results. At first you may not notice great changes but the hair growth will slow down and later it will completely stop. Once you are able to notice changes then you can switch to monthly use of at home laser hair removal process.

There are many devices available in the departmental stores which can help in laser hair removal at home but before considering any of them you must look out for the FDA approved logo. This ensures that those devices are safe to use. Moreover, it is essential that you study the working of device before starting the treatment at home.

Here is a list of some at home laser hair removal tools which are FDA approved:

– Tria: It is a FDA cleared cordless laser device best suitable for at home laser hair removal. It is a rechargeable diode which is now available in 5 new versions. In the kit you will find a skin sensor that will help in testing for skin type. And on clearing the test (indicated by green light) only the Tria will open for further use.

-Silk’n: This is not particularly a laser device but it uses pulsed light that works just like laser to control hair growth and stop it permanently. It is a FDA approved device which can be used for removing hair along the neck. It is an optical energy device. This was introduced by Home skin innovations and it has 5 adjustable levels for intensity control. The new released Silk’n comes with a good skin test sensor for proper safety.

– Epila: It’s the cheapest of all and attractive too. It is also a diode for home laser hair removal but not approved by FDA. So, before buying this one you must check out reviews.

At home laser hair removal can be intricate so before starting the procedure do your homework (research work) and ensure safety. As health comes first!